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APIError should be thrown if an error occurs in code which is not part of Photon.
Photon main class, contains functions that control creation of the display, setting the OpenGL view, input handling, timing, and State management.
ArgumentException should be thrown when an argument is passed to a function that is invalid.
Photon’s core for audio manipulation/control.
Defines geometric entity known as a circle.
Class for storing components of a color.
ConfigFile class, for reading/writing INI-style config files.
LogSink to be used with Log for simple console output.
Error is the base error class, all errors inherit from it, and it inherits from Throwable.
Exception is the base exception class, all exceptions inherit from it, and it inherits from Throwable.
Class for reading data from a file, uses PhysFS and is capable of reading from archives on the search path.
Simple OO wrapper around a TrueType font that can be drawn to textures and rendered via OpenGL.
LogSink to be used with Log for simple HTML output.
Image is a class which is used to store a single image, for use in 2D games.
Log class for photon, Log passes all messages to any attached LogSinks, which can then take care of any output which is desired.
Base class for all LogSinks to be used with Log, derived classes must define message(LogLevel level, std::string string).
MemoryError should be thrown if an error occurs while allocating memory.
Class which is used for drawing primitives.
PreconditionException should be thrown when a precondition is not met.
Psuedorandom number generator class which uses Mersenne Twister.
RangeException should be thrown if something (such as an array bound) is out of bounds.
Defines geometric entity known as a rectangle.
ResourceException should be thrown if there is a problem accessing a resource.
Base template class, to be used as a base from which classes which have resources that can be controlled, such as textures and music, can be derived.
Templated base class for managing resources like textures and music.
Template class for singleton pattern.
Simple OO wrapper around an OpenAL source, defines the interface used for Sample and Music.
Pure virtual State class, used as base class for Photon’s state system.
TaskManager class, maintains a list of Tasks and manages their status, handles adding, deleting, pausing, and unpausing tasks.
LogSink to be used with Log for simple text file output.
Simple OO wrapper around the concept of a texture in openGL.
Throwable is the base exception class for Photon.
Class capable of keeping track of time.
Represents a two-dimensional vector.
Class which stores version information, such as release numbers.