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 addSink, Log
 addTask, TaskManager
 Application, Application
~Application, Application
 AudioCore, AudioCore
~AudioCore, AudioCore
 bind, Texture
 calcInnerAngleDeg, Vector2
 calcInnerAngleRad, Vector2
 calcIntersection, Rect
 calcNormal, Vector2
 checkOpenALError, AudioCore
 Circle, Circle
~Circle, Circle
 cleanUp, ResourceManaged
 Color, Color
 ConfigFile, ConfigFile
~ConfigFile, ConfigFile
 createDisplay, Application
 critical, Log
 destroy, Singleton
 distance, Vector2
 dot, Vector2
 draw, Image
 drawCircle, Pen
 drawLine, Pen
 drawPoint, Pen
 drawRect, Pen
 drawRotated, Image
 drawVector, Pen
 error, Log
 FileBuffer, FileBuffer
~FileBuffer, FileBuffer
 fillCircle, Pen
 fillRect, Pen
 flip, Image
 Font, Font
static void addResource(const std::string &name,
const std::string &path,
uint size)
Define a new named resource.
static void addResource(const std::string &name,
const typename ResMgrT::ResDescT &desc)
Define a new named resource.
static void addResource(const std::string &name,
const std::string &path)
Define a new named resource.
static void addResource(const std::string &name,
const std::string &path)
Define a new named resource.
void addSink(LogSinkPtr sink)
Adds a sink to the Log, sinks are given access to all messages passed into the log.
void addTask(TaskPtr task)
Add a new Task to the TaskManager’s list.
void addToSearchPath(const std::string &dir,  
bool append = true)
Attempts to add a directory to the search path.
Application(const std::string &arg0)
Default constructor, initializes the internal state & dependencies.
virtual ~Application()
Default destructor, shuts down dependencies.
AudioCore(const std::string &deviceName)
Initialize underlying APIs and setup Task internals.
Shutdown underlying APIs.
void bind() const
Makes texture the current OpenGL texture.
scalar calcInnerAngleDeg(const Vector2 &vec) const
Calculates angle between two vectors.
scalar calcInnerAngleRad(const Vector2 &vec) const
Calculates angle between two vectors.
Rect calcIntersection(const Rect &rect) const
calculates & returns the intersection of two rectangles.
Vector2 calcNormal() const
Calculate the normal vector.
static std::string checkOpenALError()
Checks for OpenAL internal errors, returning a descriptive string if the OpenAL error state is currently set.
Default constructor for circle, sets position to (0,0) and radius to 0.
virtual ~Circle()
Destructor, does nothing, exists to make Circle inheritance safe.
template<typename T, typename C> T clamp(val,
Clamp a value between two boundaries.
static void cleanUp()
Cleans up any unused resources of the type.
void close()
Flushes the data and closes, open must be called again before using same ConfigFile.
void close()
Frees memory occupied by loaded data.
Initializes all components to 255.
Default constructor for ConfigFile.
virtual ~ConfigFile()
Calls close upon the ConfigFile.
bool contains(const Point2 &point) const
Check if circle contains a given point.
bool contains(const Point2 &point) const
Check if a point is contained within the Rect.
void createDisplay(uint width,  
uint height,  
uint redBits,  
uint greenBits,  
uint blueBits,  
uint alphaBits,  
uint depthBits,  
uint stencilBits,  
bool fullscreen,  
const std::string &title = "Photon App")
This function attempts to create a display with the given parameters.
std::ostream& critical()
Accesses stream, any messages passed into critical are given to associated LogSinks with a LogLevel of LOG_CRITICAL.
scalar degToRad(scalar degrees)
Convert degrees to radians.
static void destroy()
Destroy the instance of the singleton, can be done explicitly if order of destruction matters.
scalar distance(const Vector2 &v1,
const Vector2 &v2)
Determine distance between two points.
scalar dot(const Vector2 &rhs) const
Calculates dot product of two vectors.
void draw(scalar x,
scalar y) const
draws image to the screen at a givem positon.
void drawCircle(const math::Circle &circle) const
Draw an empty circle.
void drawLine(const math::Point2 &p1,
const math::Point2 &p2) const
Draw a line from one point to another.
void drawPoint(const math::Point2 &point) const
Draws a single point.
void drawRect(const math::Rect &rect) const
Draw an empty rectangle.
void drawRotated(scalar x,
scalar y,
scalar angle) const
Draw image, rotated about it’s own center by a specified angle.
void drawVector(const math::Point2 &point,
const math::Vector2 &vector) const
Draw a vector, including small arrow, with base at a given point.
void ensureVersion(const std::string &library,
const util::VersionInfo &version,
const util::VersionInfo &required)
Checks a version of a library against the required version, throws an APIError if the version is not met.
std::ostream& error()
Accesses stream, any messages passed into error are given to associated LogSinks with a LogLevel of LOG_ERROR.
bool exists(const std::string &item)
Checks if a file/directory exists.
Initializes empty buffer.
Destructor, calls close.
void fillCircle(const math::Circle &circle) const
Draw a filled circle.
void fillRect(const math::Rect &rect) const
Draw a filled rectangle.
void flip(bool horizontal,
bool vertical)
Flips image, horizontally and/or vertically.
void flush()
Flushes the data written to the config file to disk, generally needs not be called.
void flush()
Flushes the log, is generally not required.
Default constructor, initalizes internal state of Font.