Constant Index
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0 key
1 key
2 key
3 key
4 key
5 key
6 key
7 key
8 key
9 key
A key
B key
Backslash \ key
C key
Colon : key
Comma , key
D key
Delete key
Down arrow key
E key
End key
Equal key KEY_BACKSPACE- Backspace key
Escape key
F key
F1 key
F10 key
F11 key
F12 key
F13 key
F14 key
F15 key
F16 key
F17 key
F18 key
F19 key
F2 key
F20 key
F21 key
F22 key
F23 key
F24 key
F25 key
F3 key
F4 key
F5 key
F6 key
F7 key
F8 key
F9 key
G key
H key
Home key
I key
Insert key
J key
K key
L key
Left alt key
Left bracket [ key
Left control key
Left arrow key
Left shift key
M key
Minus key
N key
Numpad 0 key
Numpad 1 key
Numpad 2 key
Numpad 3 key
Numpad 4 key
Numpad 5 key
Numpad 6 key
Numpad 7 key
Numpad 8 key
Numpad 9 key
Numpad asterix * key
Numpad enter key
Numpad minus - key
Numpad period .
Numpad plus + key
Numpad slash / key
O key
P key
Period .
Page down key
Page up key
Q key
Quote “ key
R key
Right alt key
Right bracket ] key
Right control key
Enter/Return key
Right arrow key
Right shift key
S key
Slash / key
Space bar key
T key
Tab key
Tilde key
U key
Up arrow key
V key
W key
X key
Y key
Z key
Critical error, used for failures which are threats to stability.
Normal error, used for potential serious failures.
A note, highest priority so that they are always printed, not used for errors, only for temporary notes.
Verbose warning, lowest priority.
A warning, used for non critical failures.
Left mouse button.
Middle mouse button.
Right mouse button.
Defined constant for pi: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795
Lower-than-usual priority.
Highest priority available.
Lower-than-usual priority.
Lowest priority available.
Normal priority, suitable for most tasks.
Wheel was scrolled down.
Wheel was scrolled up.